The Poe Page

Poe is inspired by an ill baby pigeon that I raised several years ago. He grew up to be a strong and healthy boy and is now living in a gigantic aviary with over 40 pigeons, and even got paired up with a lady bird :> He's now living it up the best he can together with his wife! I'm so happy that he can live his life in safety but I do miss him very much. I've always been fond of pigeons and while deciding a name for this character it just felt right to give him the same name of that sweet baby bird that I raised!

Poe Spotting Photo Contest

Contest closed! Thank you everyone for participating! This page will be updated with my drawings of some of the photos I've received. Another photo contest will be happening later this year with the debut of the schoolboy Poe plushie on Kickstarter!

Poe Around The World Gallery

Click the image to the right to check out the gallery of photos snapped by some of the lucky people Poe has visited!

If you'd like to add your photo please email me at !

Fan Art Gallery

So many talented artists have surprised me with fan art of Poe so I created this gallery to show them off! Click the image to the left to visit.

Thank you again so much for taking the time to draw this silly little pigeon :> Click the images to find each artist on social media, and please be sure to give them a follow!

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