EU Shipping

Message to EU Customers:

Your government wants your money and is now enforcing VAT for small purchases. Flea Circus can only collect and remit taxes through Etsy!

Please visit our Etsy shop to make any purchases! EU will not be available as a shipping option through

Visit our etsy shop here~☆彡

While I've done my best to offer the same items as my main shop, there are some items missing. If you have a large order and can't be bothered finding all the same stuff in the Etsy shop, please feel free to email me with your shopping list or sent a screenshot of your cart! I can create a custom listing on Etsy so all you'll have to do is purchase from that single listing, rather than gathering up all the items again.


For a bit more reading on why we don't offer EU shipping on

If VAT is not collected at the time of purchase and shared electronically with our shipping provider, your package will be held hostage for a little bit while your country's customs workers figure out how much tax you need to pay. It slows down the process so your package will arrive a few weeks later than usual, PLUS you'll be charged a "handling fee" in addition to the tax which I believe is something like $20USD.