//Mystery B Grade Enamel Pin Bags//
//Mystery B Grade Enamel Pin Bags//

//Mystery B Grade Enamel Pin Bags//

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 ★Mystery bags! Each bag will contain a random mix of B grade pins, including pin club designs!★

If you order multiple bags I'll be sure not to include duplicates!

There's over 100 different pins that I select from :>

Pins will be packaged in little baggies to protect them (as opposed to on their backing cards)

$25 bag = 6 pins ($4.16 per pin)

$40 bag = 12 pins ($3.33 per pin)

These are pins with defects that I don't feel comfortable selling at full price. They're still perfectly wearable, so this is quite a good chance to pick up some pins if you're on a budget!

Some of the flaws are:
- Specs of dust or other color/glitter
- Under filled enamel
- Glitter uneven
- Dents/scratches in the enamel or metal
- Small area filled with the wrong color
- Air bubbles in enamel
- Plating not smooth