Kickstarter for Camera Enamel Pins

Hey everyone! I've started a bit of a new project and if it goes well then this will help me to produce more pins and hopefully other kinds of items as well. My mom finally took my advice and reopened her Etsy shop for her photography prints, so to help out with that theme I thought we'd try making some enamel pins of her favorite vintage cameras. We came up with this Olympus 35-SP design and we have a couple others in the making.


The campaign will fund 100 pins, and more will be requested for production if necessary.

  • $10USD each
  • 3cm wide
  • silver plating
  • rubber backing
  • each pin will have a backer card

And please check out my mom's shop here:

Lisa Bilodeau @

We're also both on Instagram:


Cheers 💖