Handful of updates before the year's end

Just wanted to make a quick update post on some of the projects I've been working on!


Poe Plushies:
All plushies have arrived! I'll be quality checking and packing up Kickstarter rewards first, then packing all other orders after that :>


Poe Folding Notepads:
The tracking says they're due in on the 27th, but they were scanned in a very close town today so I'm hoping to receive them today or tomorrow!


Weenie Dog Enamel Pins:
The Kickstarter funds have been received and they're in production now! Will arrive in January


NEW PINS: Dunsparce / Pug Butt:
Both were ordered together with the weenie pins. Pugs will come in the original colors I had intended, PLUS a new all black version!


RESTOCK: Dark Snake / Weeaboo:
Both were sent in for restock and will be available again shortly!


I have lots of projects coming up in the new year, you can follow along through my mailing list and by following @fleacircusdesigns on Instagram!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and new year <3