Enamel Pins

I'm really excited to announce that I've added enamel pins in to my shop :)
I have 6 types of pins for sale!
They're hard enamel type and are silver or gold plated.
Three more designs are currently in the making; a dachshund, corgi, and chihuahua all based on the embroidery files I've done, so photos of those will be available as soon as I receive them! Those ones will be black nickel type.
I was mulling over the idea of whether to add physical items to this shop or if I should keep them just on my Etsy, but I think what I'd like to do is provide embroidery files of all the pin designs I make. I'm also going to spend some time making some matching notepads and other little things so they'll make cute little gift sets. I'll likely first be making sets that match the dog designs I mentioned. So in short, enamel pins will be for sale here as well once I get a moment to add them in and mess around with shipping settings!
Thanks for reading!