Charity collection to benefit Wildlife Victoria

I'm really happy with how these turned out! The theme is Poe & his kookaburra friend summoning R A I N. ⁠
I love the grumpy little kookaburra. I originally drew him without the raincoat, which is also quite cute, so he may make an appearance again sometime down the line~⁠

These items will be benefiting @wildlifevictoria ! I'll be donating funds weekly, possibly more frequently if this is successful⁠

Included in the lineup~⁠
★ enamel pin⁠
★ waterproof sticker⁠
★ acrylic charm⁠
★ digital wallpapers for mobile⁠

This stamp pin is the first 50 cent pin haha. It's also the only golden one so far!⁠
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