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Dunsparce Pin

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3cm (1.2") hard enamel pin
Regular dunsparce (blue body) is silver plated
Shiny dunsparce (pink body) is rose gold plated

Choose regular or shiny dunsparce

Pin Grading Info

Standard grade:

My best quality pins!

B Grade:

These are pins with minor imperfections that I don't feel comfortable selling at full price.

Most imperfections are barely noticeable and won't bother most pin collectors. These pins are perfect for every day use (wearing on your bags, jackets, hats, etc.)

Some of the flaws are:
- Specs of dust or other color/glitter
- Under-filled enamel
- Glitter is uneven
- Dents/scratches in the enamel or metal
- Small area filled with the wrong color
- Air bubbles in enamel
- Plating isn't smooth